Saturday, January 30, 2010

Next Meeting: February 5, 2010!

Aloha everyone!

January's meeting was great, as usual. All of our regular members showed up, and we confused the other people in the food court with our laptops and routers all over the tables. So... a pretty normal meeting.

Here are some highlights:
  • We flashed some WRT routers with Tomato OS. This is getting to be a regular activity!
  • Also, we had a lot of discussion on international politics and interesting websites. Next time maybe we can write them down to be posted up here later.
  • I was particularly pleased with my work recovering a Cisco wireless bridge. I might write up a post about it, if I remember.
  • And we swapped hacking zines and back issues of 2600.
The next Hilo 2600 meeting will be this coming Friday, February 5. (Feel free to bring any old tech that somebody else might want.)

And hey, don't forget, the Winter issue of 2600 is out on the shelves, if you aren't a subscriber. I especially liked the article about portable wireless networks.


phreck said...

You guys know if there is an Oahu meeting? been scouring the internet, found nothing....

Anonymous said...

hey, I need to get in contact with the scooter guy with glasses (forgot his name, sorry). I wanted to find out what ram you purchased for your acer aspire one zg5 (if you did) because I want to buy some and then have it before the next meeting (highly unlikely). Either I have to open the trap door or totally take the damn thing apart to get to the ram compartment. I'm bringing that netbook to the next meeting so we can figure this out, but just in case you read this before then send me and email. my email is in the zine - S

Sandy said...

@Phrek't list any O'ahu meetings, only Hilo's. You can, of course, always start your own.

@S Pretty sure the ZG5 takes a DDR2 SODIMM. It has a 667 FSB but some sites say a limit of 1.5GB of memory. That's dumb. I think you'd be fine installing a 2GB module though.

Anonymous said...

Your friend has one, but I'm not sure if he installed ram in it (i think it's for work). The other guy has one too and installed ram, but I'm not sure what model he has. Apparently, each model is totally different. Some of them you can undue the trap door in the bottom and others you have to completely remove everything to get to the ram. I was going to bring it this Friday to see what I need to do to get to the ram. I want to find out how many slots of ram it can take, what's the max ram and what type of ram. Unfortunately, zg5 alone is not enough to know the model number of the website :(

Sandy said...

I have a D250-1389. It has one ram slot and supports 2GB. It has a door on the bottom of the chassis like most notebooks and it's easy to upgrade both HDD and the memory.

Kevin surely will not upgrade the memory in his ZG5 as it is for work. That model does not have a door on the bottom of the chassis either, so upgrading the memory is a real pain involving removal of the motherboard. That model is also harder to find now, the 2nd generation has the door and better buttons on the trackpad.

Netbooks do not support more than 2GB. I think for a few older models the limits was 1.5GB but now the 2GB is the standard.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info.